Darshan Academy, 5th Mile, Kaithal

Republic Day 

The 75th Republic Day of India was celebrated with great enthusiasm and patriotism at Darshan Academy, 5th Mile, Kaithal. The celebration was marked by mesmerising performances and activities that left everyone in awe. The students of Darshan Academy showcased their talent and passion for patriotism through their outstanding performances of patriotic songs. They also engaged in various activities that showcased their knowledge and love for their country with captivating speeches, poem recitations, and dance performances. The 6th graders of Darshan Academy also presented a unique role-play entitled “All Religions are Equal in India.” This performance emphasised the importance of inclusivity and harmony among all religions in the country and was applauded for its creativity and thought-provoking message. Principal Mr. Susheel Kumar expressed immense satisfaction with the students’ performance. He praised their efforts and encouraged them to continue striving for excellence in their lives. The 75th Republic Day celebration at Darshan Academy was a moment to cherish. It provided a platform for students to showcase their talents, foster patriotism, and gain a deeper understanding of India’s rich history. The students’ performances left an indelible mark on everyone’s hearts, reminding us of our nation’s shared values and aspirations.


"Dream, Dream, Dream. Dream transforms into thoughts and thoughts result in action. "